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 (sā′tər-ĭd, săt′ər-, sə-tī′rĭd)
Any of numerous nymphalid butterflies of the subfamily Satyrinae, formerly the family Satyridae, which includes the satyrs and wood nymphs.

[From New Latin Satyridae, former family name, from Satyrus, type genus, from Latin satyrus, satyr; see satyr.]

sa′tyr·id adj.


(Animals) any butterfly of the family Satyridae, having typically brown or dark wings with paler markings: includes the graylings, satyrs, browns, ringlets, and gatekeepers
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The satyrid butterfly, Ragadia makuta Horsfield was studied in lowland dipterocarp rainforest in Sabah, Borneo.
Liliaceae) in Israel; Johnson (1994) where the specialist satyrid butterfly Aeropetes (Meneris) tulbaghia (L.
With the exception of the wings of certain satyrid and ithomiid butterflies and sphingid moths (e.
Sexual size dimorphism in relation to fecundity in some Swedish satyrid butterflies.