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1. A fine sheer fabric resembling muslin, often made of silk, rayon, cotton, or wool.
2. A hollandaise sauce to which whipped cream has been added.
3. An aspic containing whipped cream.

[French; see muslin.]


(French muslin)
1. (Textiles) a fine fabric made of rayon or silk
2. (Ceramics) a type of fine glass
3. (Cookery) short for mousseline sauce
[C17: French: muslin]



1. a sauce or dish containing whipped cream or beaten egg whites.
2. any of various sheer, lightweight fabrics made of natural or synthetic yarns and having a crisp hand.
[1695–1705; < French: literally, muslin]
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Consomme Imperial, Timbales de Supremes de Volailles, Gigot Grille a la Sauce Piquante, and Aubergines a la Sauce Mousseline.
Seared tuna carpaccio with lime sauce mousseline for her and, the irresistibly named, pork and Elsdon goat faggots with toasted pinenuts for me.
Add to a hollandaise sauce the juice of three blood oranges for Maltese sauce, or a little whipped cream for sauce mousseline.