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Adj.1.saucer-shaped - having a concave shape like a saucer
concave - curving inward
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Many roofs were cup or saucer-shaped with a small hole in the center of each, as though they had been constructed to catch rain-water and conduct it to a reservoir beneath; but nearly all the others had the large opening in the top that Bradley had seen used by these flying men in lieu of doorways.
In the middle of the day they frequently roll in the dust, in saucer-shaped hollows.
You still get saucer-shaped design that looks pretty unique along with the bungee strap that adds versatility to the speaker by letting you hang or attach it from surfaces.
Evocative of Orson WellesAE infamous radio broadcast of October 30, 1938, millions of television viewers on the night of May 2, 1983 saw the descent of a fleet of 50 saucer-shaped spacecraft fan out all over the planet during the inaugural episode of the two-part science fiction miniseries called V.
For six minutes the saucer-shaped lander - about the size of a Smart car - used a combination of a heatshield, two parachutes and a cluster of rockets to slow down its initial atmospheric entry speed of 13,000mph to a hovering zero just above the surface.
If you are strapped for space, a saucer-shaped container makes a brilliant fountain base as it contains the spray.
One of the biggest challenges presented by the project was properly wrapping the distinctive saucer-shaped structure mounted on top of the plane.
The new saucer-shaped Horizon pads were officially launched at the recent North East Expo at Kingston Park Stadium.
The flower buds are pink and open into saucer-shaped pure white flowers with a yellow centre in summer.
The hotel was to comprise two saucer-shaped components, one underwater, and the other above, "with a shaft running through the centre", local daily T he National reported.
The agency first tested a doughnut-shaped ring designed to inflate and slow down the flying saucer-shaped landing vehicle.
A SAUCER-SHAPED NASA vehicle testing new technology for Mars landings made a successful rocket ride over the Pacific, but its massive descent parachute only partially unfurled.