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Any of various vertebrates of the group Sauria, which includes most of the diapsids, such as the dinosaurs, lizards, snakes, crocodilians, and birds. Sauria was formerly a suborder consisting of the lizards.

[From New Latin Sauria, former suborder name, from saurus, lizard, from Greek sauros.]

saur′i·an adj.


1. (Animals) of, relating to, or resembling a lizard
2. (Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Sauria, a former suborder of reptiles (now called Lacertilia), which included the lizards
(Animals) a former name for lizard
[C15: from New Latin Sauria, from Greek sauros]


(ˈsɔr i ən)

1. belonging or pertaining to the Sauria, a group of reptiles orig. including the lizards, crocodiles, dinosaurs, and other reptilian types but now restricted to the lizards.
2. a lizard or lizardlike creature.
[1800–10; < New Latin Sauri(a) + -an1; see -saur, -ia]


A lizard or similar reptile.
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Noun1.saurian - any of various reptiles of the suborder Sauria which includes lizardssaurian - any of various reptiles of the suborder Sauria which includes lizards; in former classifications included also the crocodiles and dinosaurs
diapsid, diapsid reptile - reptile having a pair of openings in the skull behind each eye
Lacertilia, Sauria, suborder Lacertilia, suborder Sauria - true lizards; including chameleons and geckos
lizard - relatively long-bodied reptile with usually two pairs of legs and a tapering tail
Adj.1.saurian - of or relating to lizards


[ˈsɔːrɪən] Nsaurio m


nEchse f; (= dinosaur etc)Saurier m
References in classic literature ?
It may be that he swept back into the past, and fell among the blood-drinking, hairy savages of the Age of Unpolished Stone; into the abysses of the Cretaceous Sea; or among the grotesque saurians, the huge reptilian brutes of the Jurassic times.
We had an easy time getting away--as we learned later, because the saurians do not commence to feed until late in the morning.
When our merchant marine shall ply the great Pellucidarian seas, and cargoes of silks and typewriters and books shall forge their ways where only hideous saurians have held sway since time began
Studies of women and babies accounted for several more pages, and then there was an unbroken series of animal drawings with such explanations as "Manatee upon Sandbank," "Turtles and Their Eggs," "Black Ajouti under a Miriti Palm"--the matter disclosing some sort of pig-like animal; and finally came a double page of studies of long-snouted and very unpleasant saurians.
Thereupon the saurian emerged from his dream and took to the water, greatly to the surprise of the man- and-brother.
asked Ned, looking back at the swirl left by the saurian.
1850): On the Pelorosaurus: an undescribed gigantic terrestrial reptile, whose remains are associated with those of the Iguanodon and other saurians in the strata of Tilgate Forest, in Sussex.
Saurians ONE humid summer night in the mid-1980s, a man in his sixties with wild-looking eyes and a shock of almost vertical grey hair burst into a police station in Liverpool city centre and told the constable on desk duty that a 'deadly reptilian' was at large.
If it behaved like an explosive, it must rapidly recover equilibrium; if it behaved like a vegetable, it must reach its limits of growth; and even if it acted like the earlier creations of energy - the saurians and sharks - it must have nearly reached the limits of its expansion.
165), much of the third and longest part of the book (called Giant Saurians and Horned Mammals) inevitably devolves into an account of the unedifying 'bone wars' between these two scholars.
Torn and now useless human garb was cast into bonfires all over the planet by drooling, terrified saurians.