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Noun1.sausage meat - any meat that is minced and spiced and cooked as patties or used to fill sausagessausage meat - any meat that is minced and spiced and cooked as patties or used to fill sausages
meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
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The fellow took a mass of sausage meat and coated it round a wire and laid it on a charcoal fire to cook.
On Sundays she gave us as much chicken as we could eat, and on other days we had ham or bacon or sausage meat.
TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS DINNERRoast turkey - massaged with butter with streaky bacon draped over the turkey, cocktail sausages on the side, and stuffed with sausage meat Roast potatoes and parsnips - roasted with vegetable oil Broccoli, carrots, cranberry sauce and meat gravy Christmas pudding made with beef suet and brandy butter Mince pies with cream Stilton from cheese board with crackers
The new Sausage and Bean Melt is a delicious combination of pork sausage meat, HP baked beans and medium mature cheddar cheese - all wrapped in a crispy puff pastry case.
Why would camp gangster Andy fall for Sausage Meat Slater?
The dishes included roast turkey with apricot and tarragon stuffing, and sausage meat and thyme koftas with port and orange gravy.
Baked Scotch eggs Buy it 4 large free-range eggs 350g (12oz) best pork sausage meat 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley (optional) 1 medium egg, beaten 50g (2oz) white breadcrumbs Cook it 1.
The reason this dish became known as scotch egg is simply because "scotching" something means to roll it in sausage meat and deep fry, hence the name scotch eggs.
Combined with the famous Wall's sausage meat, innovative packaging and a wide product choice Wall's Stroller will offer variety and add much needed innovation to the well established sausage roll category.
Paul chose to create sausage meat and skin as part of his training to develop his own product.
Break up the sausage meat with your hands and add it to the pan.