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Adj.1.sausage-shaped - shaped like a sausagesausage-shaped - shaped like a sausage    
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Sausage-shaped stones were for 'bombing', producing the perfect splashless 'thock' of an Olympic diver if you got good height, and the spin just so.
TARS are static unmanned blimps - giant, stout sausage-shaped balloons that are tethered hundreds of metres from the ground.
The orange-brown, sausage-shaped tank is being trucked at 5 mph.
Right on cue, a lab assistant behind her starts to fill a sausage-shaped membrane with a thick, dark red liquid.
This navigation tool rests deep in the brain, in a small, sausage-shaped region called the entorhinal cortex.
Lines like 'You keep your paws off them, you sausage-shaped swine
Harbour seals are smaller and more sausage-shaped and appear clumsier out of the water.
While displaying the varied signs of bowel obstruction, the most common appearance of the intussusception itself is a heterogeneous target or sausage-shaped mass.
Mitochondria are sausage-shaped powerhouses which float around inside cells converting food into energy the body can use.
Later on an ultrasound examination revealed a sausage-shaped mass with folded layers of intestinal wall.