savings bond

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savings bond

A nontransferable registered bond issued by the US government in denominations of $50 to $10,000.

sav′ings bond`

a U.S. government bond with principal amounts issued in denominations up to $10,000.
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Noun1.savings bond - non-negotiable government bondsavings bond - non-negotiable government bond; cannot be bought and sold once the original purchase is made
government bond - a bond that is an IOU of the United States Treasury; considered the safest security in the investment world
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Global Banking News-May 11, 2015--Singapore savings bond to be made available through ATMs
Variable-Rate Bonds are one of three Ontario Savings Bond investment options that are available annually during the first three weeks of June.
A convenient and direct way to turn your federal tax refund into Treasury savings options is through the "Allocation of Refund (Including Savings Bond Purchases)" IRS Form 8888.
Treasury, the IRS and the Bureau of Public Debt to develop the savings bond option.
As more investors turn to savings bonds for the fixed investment portion of their portfolios, financial planning practitioners should be aware of four important changes to the government's savings bond program:
The legend will also appear on Series EE bonds available at the Bureau of the Public Debt's Savings Bond Direct Website, www.
Savings Bonds coordinators and canvassers from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) kicked off a savings bond campaign during a recent ceremony at the Pentagon.
When you buy a Savings Bond, you're making a loan to the U.
Bond holders would gain the same tax-deferred benefits and freedom from local taxes now enjoyed by savings bond holders.
The massive financing required to wage World War II brought the next significant expansion in the Banks' fiscal agency role, handling the series E savings bond introduced in 1941.
As we transition our savings bond program online aO a move that will produce significant taxpayer savings aO we wanted to step back and remember how savings bonds came to symbolize the events, people and places that shaped our nation through good times and difficult periods over the past 76 years," said Rosie Rios, Treasurer of the United States.
MC) has announced that it has launched an inflation-linked savings bond in the UK.

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