Saw pit

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a pit over which timbor is sawed by two men, one standing below the timber and the other above.

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26,000 is granted to Municipality of the District of Lunenburg for upgrades to the Saw Pit Wharf Park property in Garden Lots, near Lunenburg, whereas the last amount of $16,850 is granted to Town of Lunenburg for replacement of $16,850 to replace the Lunenburg Arena s refrigeration condenser.
Once, he saw pit bulls "cavorting full speed" near some swing sets.
JACKIE Milburn was once quoted as saying, he knew he was home When crossing the Tyne Bridge he saw pits, Oh how we've moved on since Jackie's famous days, and the demise Of king coal and its final exit, Yet standing proud, among others is that famous bridge, as we come Yem ower the Tyne, Newcastle, now a hive of commerce, business, the beloved 'Toon' within Beautiful Northumberland's border, Of castles and kings, historic buildings, a glorious shoreline, taxpayer to finance training needs through (for example) apprenticeships.
There were interesting places to explore just steps from their cottage: lime kilns, saw pits, furrows of old garden plots, foundations of buildings, traces of a built-up roadway leading to a military cemetery.