saw-whet owl

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saw-whet owl

(sô′wĕt′, -hwĕt′)
Either of two small brown-and-white owls, Aegolius acadicus of North America or A. ridgwayi of Central America, having no ear tufts.

[From the resemblance of the owls' calls to the sound made in sharpening a saw .]

saw′-whet` owl`

a small North American owl, Aegolius acadicus, with a persistently repeated, mechanical sounding note.
[1825–35, Amer.; from its cry being likened to a saw being whetted]
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Several kinds of owls --including screech owls, northern saw-whet owls, elf owls and barred owls--nest in old woodpecker cavities and natural cavities in trees or in the West, saguaro cactuses.
The long-eared owl and northern saw-whet owls are found in New York, but are rare, secretive and little is known about their population trends.
Our goal was to: 1) investigate prey differences between Northern Saw-whet Owls and Long-eared Owls that inhabit the same area concurrently, and 2) to compare our results with those of previous studies of owl diets in Illinois and Wisconsin.
But ''good'' birds included 4 white-winged crossbills, 2 red crossbills, an evening grosbeak, a fox sparrow, 8 winter wrens, a merlin, 7 pileated woodpeckers, 2 saw-whet owls and 2 red-shouldered hawks.
Beginning with a wildlife treasure map of Wisconsin showing where to seek and sight loons, sandhill cranes, gray wolves, monarch butterflies, tundra swans, sturgeon, greater prairie chickens, saw-whet owls, whooping cranes, American bison, Canada geese, and bald eagles, "Travel Wild Wisconsin" offers multiple desirable observation destinations organized by season and by months of the year into fifteen chapters.
Two saw-whet owls up there in the laurel tree mirrored the big-eyed dreams of ordinary men, and from a distance, the faint smells of camphor and a meadow of gentian.
Auditory surveys for northern saw-whet owls (Aegolius acadicus) in southern Wisconsin 1986-1996.
The presence of Northern Saw-whet Owls was strongly related to the understory transparency, agreeing with previous studies in Maryland and Michigan showing a correlation with dense vertical structure.
I can whistle calls for saw-whet owls and cerulean warblers.
The deaths documented in birds receiving carprofen and flunixin included three black vultures and a spoonbill from Eurasia, a Marabou stork from Africa, and, from the Americas, two Harris's hawks, a red-legged seriema, and two northern saw-whet owls.
In her many visits, Landau says she's "seen saw-whet owls, heard flying squirrels, and seen lots of bear tracks.