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n. pl. sawfish or saw·fish·es
Any of various marine cartilaginous fishes of the family Pristidae, having a sharklike body and a long thin snout with teeth along both sides.


n, pl -fish or -fishes
(Animals) any sharklike ray of the family Pristidae of subtropical coastal waters and estuaries, having a serrated bladelike mouth



n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
any large, sharklike ray of the genus Pristis, living along tropical coasts and lowland rivers, with a bladelike snout edged with strong teeth.
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Noun1.sawfish - primitive ray with sharp teeth on each edge of a long flattened snoutsawfish - primitive ray with sharp teeth on each edge of a long flattened snout
ray - cartilaginous fishes having horizontally flattened bodies and enlarged winglike pectoral fins with gills on the underside; most swim by moving the pectoral fins
family Pristidae, Pristidae - large primitive rays with elongated snouts
Pristis pectinatus, smalltooth sawfish - commonly found in tropical bays and estuaries; not aggressive


[ˈsɔːfɪʃ] N (sawfish or sawfishes (pl)) → pez m sierra
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Contract Awarded for Dining and lodging for cgc sawfish
Meanwhile, the conservationist is calling on the community to report their sightings of sharks, rays, guitarfish and sawfish.
AES is the international professional society for those who study elasmobranchs--sharks and their relatives, the skates, rays, guitarfish and sawfish.
Kenya put forward the sawfish proposal while both the reef manta and devil rays were proposed by Fiji.
Concerns over bycatch of another protected species, smalltooth sawfish, Pristis pectinata, resulted in a partnership to test the ability of electronic technology to monitor interactions in 2013.
I like having a good feed at the river, catching sawfish, cooking at the river .
Surprisingly, we have found that the rays, including sawfish, guitarfish, stingrays, and wedgefish, are generally worse off than the sharks, with five out of the seven most threatened families made up of rays, said Dr Colin Simpfendorfer, IUCN SSG Co-Chair and Professor of Environmental Science at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.
Visitors can watch the amazing daily dive shows at 2pm and see divers feed the sharKs, sawfish and rays, as well as scatter feeds at the Lagoon of Light at 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm.
9 million litre underwater adventure filled with sharks, green sea turtles, sawfish, and more, and features a 315 ft-long (97 metre) underwater tunnel with a moving sidewalk.
In this case, there are 16 vulnerable, endangered or threatened species of sharks, sawfish and rays that need our protection here in the Gulf.
For some species, like whitetip sharks, American sawfish and the once common skate, numbers are down as much as 99%.