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A frame with legs, used to support pieces of wood being sawed.


(Tools) a stand for timber during sawing



a movable frame or trestle for supporting wood while it is being sawed.


While there were sawhorses used by carpenters for holding boards for sawing, a “sawhorse” was usually intended to hold a small log as the log was being sawed into short lengths for firewood.
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Noun1.Sawhorse - a framework for holding wood that is being sawedsawhorse - a framework for holding wood that is being sawed
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
trestle - sawhorses used in pairs to support a horizontal tabletop


[ˈsɔːhɔːs] Ncaballete m
References in classic literature ?
There was an open wagon, with three seats for the passengers, and the wagon was drawn by the famous wooden Sawhorse which had once been brought to life by Ozma by means of a magic powder.
Then the Wizard clucked to the Sawhorse and said: "Gid-dap
I like Oz better than Kansas, even; an' this little wood Sawhorse beats all the critters I ever saw.
Just then the famous Scarecrow of Oz came around the bend in the road, riding astride a wooden Sawhorse which was so small that its rider's legs nearly touched the ground.
Meantime, the Woozy had approached the Sawhorse and begun to sniff at it.
The Sawhorse rolled its knot eyes wickedly and kicked again, but the Woozy trotted away and said to the Scarecrow:
Ozma had many adventures, however, before she regained her father's throne, and in these she was accompanied by a pumpkin-headed man, a highly magnified and thoroughly educated Woggle-Bug, and a wonderful sawhorse that had been brought to life by means of a magic powder.
Having heard this story, Dorothy related to them her own adventures, and then went out with her friends to find the Sawhorse, which Ozma had caused to be shod with plates of gold, so that its legs would not wear out.
They came upon the Sawhorse standing motionless beside the garden gate, but when Dorothy was introduced to him he bowed politely and blinked his eyes, which were knots of wood, and wagged his tail, which was only the branch of a tree.
A sawhorse is a thing they saw boards on," remarked Jim, with a sniff.
But this sawhorse can trot as fast as you can, Jim; and he's very wise, too.
While thus engaged they came to the edge of a wood, and the boy sat down to rest upon an old sawhorse that some woodcutter had left there.