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Used to express farewell.

[Japanese sayonara, sayōnara, alteration of sayō naraba, if be thus (said to indicate that the time for departure has come) : sayō, thus (sa, that + , appearance, from Middle Chinese jiang`; also the source of Mandarin yang`) + naraba, if it be.]


a Japanese farewell


(ˌsaɪ əˈnɑr ə)

interj., n.
[1870–75; < Japanese]


A Japanese word meaning farewell.
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Noun1.sayonara - a farewell remarksayonara - a farewell remark; "they said their good-byes"
farewell, word of farewell - an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting
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The locally based group, who dropped their first full-length album Theory of Mind in 2015, are gearing up to release a follow-up album, Sayonara , early next year.
Her purple floral dress paired with a wide embellished belt reminds us why we've said sayonara to Cheesy Celine and hello to our latest style icon.
Durante la inauguracion de los trabajos de la Transferencia del Modelo de Emprendedores a Instituciones de Educacion Media Superior del Estado de Hidalgo, que encabezo la secretaria de Educacion Publica de Hidalgo, Sayonara Vargas Rodriguez, la funcionaria recibio de manos del coordinador sectorial de Vinculacion de la Subsecretaria de Educacion Media Superior (SEMS) de la SEP federal, Alejandro Jaimes Garcia, la transferencia del Modelo de Emprendedores a Instituciones de Educacion Media Superior del estado de Hidalgo.
Responding to media reports over the previous month, Limbaugh said on his show, "Cumulus Media was going to cancel their contract with me on 35 of their radio stations, and that was going to end my career because one of those 35 was WABC in New York …and once that happens, sayonara, I'm in everybody's rear-view mirror.
No more expensive foreign wars, but bye bye to Nato, and sayonara to our seat on the UN Security Council.
There's your adieus, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, ciao, arrivederci, sayonara, hasta la vista and adios.
Houses of the week Over PS400,000 Sayonara House, Lepton THIS high quality home has fabulous views over the Woodsome Valley towards Castle Hill and offers a flexible interior, mature gardens and several bedrooms.
A Ahso B Banzai C Sayonara D Ikebana A Theatre B Ballet C Opera D Painting QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: What is a sand dollar?
Will the Battle of the As continue in the show's third season, or will be saying sayonara to one of them?
When Jennifer Aniston said sayonara to 'The Rachel' hairdo in the '00s it was a darker day than when she split from Brad Pitt.
com)-- Mizuno, a world leader in running shoes, football boots and other types of sporting footwear, has released the Wave Sayonara, a brand new performance neutral shoe, suitable for anyone wanting a faster ride.
The other attractions of this Onam festivity is live music show by leading playback singers like Naresh Iyer, Biju Narayanan, Gayathri and youth icon singer Sayonara.