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 (skăb′rəs, skā′brəs)
1. Having or covered with scales or small projections and rough to the touch: a scabrous scar; a plant with scabrous leaves.
2. Dealing with scandalous or salacious material: a scabrous novel.

[Late Latin scabrōsus, from scaber, scabr-, scurfy.]

scab′rous·ly adv.
scab′rous·ness n.
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30) The utterances of Ajax achieve neither the intensity nor the scabrousness of Thersites' proto-excremental speech.
1) Far easier to sneak such scabrousness in through the back door: while it is certainly the case that literature is held in contempt, the official perception is really exactly the opposite: adrift in a state of economic languor - as opposed to TV's robust ability to cause money and goods to change hands - literature is subject to a kind of phony exaltation, which effectively elevates it to a station of complete impotence.