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adj. Biology
Resembling the rungs of a ladder; ladderlike. Used of certain tissues and cells.

[Latin scālāris, of a ladder; see scalare + -form.]


(Biology) biology resembling a ladder: a scalariform cell.
[C19: from New Latin scālāriformis from Latin scālāris of a ladder + -form]


(skəˈlær əˌfɔrm)

ladderlike; resembling the rungs of a ladder.
[1830–40; < New Latin scālāriformis]
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Perforation plates predominantly simple; variously scalariform plates occasional (Fig.
The particles presented hollow-spheroid-like shape and the surface micro-structure was scalariform.
Resistances to fluid flow of model xylem vessels with simple and scalariform perforation plates.
74, 82-83) shorter than S10, with a ventro-basal triangular process directed anteriorly on inner margin; a distal area of differentiated scalariform like cuticle (May, 2002) on mesal surface (as in Fig.
Finding scalariform tracheids attached to Artisia (his Sternbergia) pith casts, Dawson assumed that at least some of these fossils must have belonged to Sigillaria, based on the common occurrence of scalariform tissue in that plant (Dawson 1859).
Figure 7 shows the formation of gas bubbles at the scalariform vessel walls of Vitis vinifera.
The pits are present in opposite or scalariform arrangements.
The seed coats are moderately or deeply reticulate with layers of scalariform thickenings on the radial walls.
Bailey & Tupper (1918) offered a muchreproduced drawing schematizing the tracheid as a primitive type of tracheary element in angiosperms; from this, vessels (first with scalariform, ultimately simple perforation plates) were progressively derived on the one hand, whereas on the other hand, imperforate tracheary elements progressively lost pit borders and changed (by implication, gradually) from conductive to mechanical cells.
6 whorls, which regularly increasing in size, and are strongly shouldered and scalariform.
Protoxylem tracheids, 6-12 [micro]m in diameter, are characterised by annular and spiral thickening with scalariform and transitional pitting seen on the 9-15 [micro]m diameter metaxylem tracheids (Fig.