scale up

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Verb1.scale up - increase proportionally; "scale up the model"
proportion - adjust in size relative to other things
rescale - establish on a new scale
scale down - reduce proportionally; "The model is scaled down"

w>scale up

vt sep (lit)vergrößern; (fig)erhöhen
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THE Aditya Birla Group announced the launch of Aditya Birla Bizlabs on Thursday to collaborate with start- ups and provide them with opportunity to scale up in a large- operating business environment.
The ultimail 65 & 95 support scales ranging from the 10lb integrated scale up to a 150lb interfaced external scale and access to international rates and a variety of mail classes, such as library mail, media mail and international.
The Galaxy's "ready for the future" scaleable architecture, allows users to purchase just the power they need and scale up as their infrastructure grows.