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 (skăm) Informal
A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.
tr.v. scammed, scam·ming, scams
To defraud; swindle.

[Origin unknown.]

scam′mer n.


(ˈskæmə) or


slang a person who perpetrates a scam; swindler
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Noun1.scammer - a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud
card shark, card sharp, card sharper, cardsharp, cardsharper, sharper, sharpie, sharpy - a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games
clip artist - a swindler who fleeces the victim
con artist, con man, confidence man - a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim
beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheat - someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
welcher, welsher - someone who swindles you by not repaying a debt or wager
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If a customer is suspicious of a caller, they are encouraged to collect information from the scammer including the caller's name, any phone numbers or other details before hanging up and reporting to local law enforcement.
Contact the Pensions Advisory Service for free and impartial guidance to talk through your options and learn about how to spot a scammer.
He also asked how much money was in their bank account before asking them to withdraw the cash and meet the scammer on the corner of Moorhill Road.
A scammer can then call you up and use those facts to"prove" they know you in an attempt to get access to your financial accounts or other information they need to steal your identity.
Try to call from a different phone if reporting it immediately after being contacted by someone you believe was a scammer.
A scammer buys a lot of a penny stock and then hypes it, perhaps online or via email.
But it still involved phone credit transfers to a third party -- a stranger -- who is usually the scammer.
For every one person that we deal with there are probably 50 that the scammer has scammed," Wayne said.
Once the unregistered number is dialled and received by the scammer, $30 will be withdrawn from the caller's account, according to the Arrayah report.
Romance scams are a form of online fraud whereby a scammer will assume a fake identity on an online dating site for the purposes of fraudulently obtaining money from unsuspecting users of that dating site.
Scammers contact a resident by phone, try to convince the resident that there's a problem with his or her computer and to log on and give the scammer remote access, the agency said.
This deceptive advertising should be sufficient for the international scammer to be able to make referrals and share fees with the local Florida attorney in a scheme based on affinity fraud.