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n. pl. scam·mo·nies
a. An eastern Mediterranean plant (Convolvulus scammonia) having large roots that yield a resin formerly used as a cathartic.
b. A Mexican plant (Ipomoea orizabensis) yielding a similar resin.
2. A cathartic preparation obtained from these resins.

[Middle English scamonie, from Old English scammōniam and from Old French scamonie, both from Latin scammōnea, from Greek skammōniā.]


n, pl -nies
1. (Plants) a twining Asian convolvulus plant, Convolvulus scammonia, having arrow-shaped leaves, white or purple flowers, and tuberous roots
2. (Plants) a resinous juice obtained from the roots of this plant and having purgative properties
3. (Plants) any of various similar medicinal resins or the plants that yield them
[Old English, via Latin from Greek skammōnia, of obscure origin]
scammoniate adj


(ˈskæm ə ni)

n., pl. -nies.
1. a twining Asian convolvulus, Convolvulus scammonia.
2. any of various plants having roots yielding a medicinal resin, esp. Ipomoea orizabensis.
3. the resin from any such roots.
[before 1000; Middle English scamonie, Old English < Latin scamōnia < Greek skamōnía]
scam•mo•ni•ate (skæˈmoʊ ni ɪt) adj.
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Noun1.scammony - tropical American morning gloryscammony - tropical American morning glory  
morning glory - any of various twining vines having funnel-shaped flowers that close late in the day
2.scammony - resin from the root of Convolvulus scammonia
natural resin - a plant exudate
3.scammony - twining plant of Asia Minor having cream-colored to purple flowers and long thick roots yielding a cathartic resinscammony - twining plant of Asia Minor having cream-colored to purple flowers and long thick roots yielding a cathartic resin
convolvulus - any of numerous plants of the genus Convolvulus
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I am off, to cultivate the field of public indigestion with the triple plowshare of aloes, scammony and gamboge.
on strange musical instruments constructed of the commonplace materia medicae, the turbith, scammony, cassia, rhubarb prescribed by Paracelsus.
scammony, (9) which, when cooled, can ease yellow bile; (2) that whose act removes the obstacle that prevents a thing from acting naturally, such as anything that destroys the end or purpose of something by eliminating its supporting condition; (3) that whose act does not destroy its individuality, e.