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n. Informal
One who perpetrates a scam or fraud; a swindler.
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Melbourne, November 7 (ANI): Robert De Niro is playing the role of Wall Street investor and scamster Bernie Madoff in the first major film to be made on the financial scam.
The Victim complained that he transferred nearly Dh200,000 using the recharge cards in denominations of Dh500 each in a hope of winning a aACAyprize' of Dh1 million promised to him by the telephone scamster.
We were really surprised to find out that the candidates were asked the names of the scamster, gangsters or hardcore Maoists.
MULTI- CRORE chitfund scamster Sudipta Sen had invested in tourism business abroad and bought some properties at various locations of Dubai, Jordan, Qatar and Mauritius, police sources said.
Medical scams executed on the internet aim to convince respondents that a medical condition is best treated by a nonprescription remedy that only the scamster can provide.
They contacted him 275 times and, incredibly, sold his details to 10 companies, including charities, a gambling outfit, a jeweller and a scamster.
Into this comfortable world bursts lowlife scamster Freddy Benson, whose American brashness and vulgarity at first repulses the older, elegant Jameson who knows a rival when he sees one.
Ostrich scamster turned drug trafficker Martin Evans, 52, had been on the run since 2011.
Ostrich scamster turned drug tra|cker Martin Evans, 52, had been on the run since 2011.
Facebook's new feature Timeline has caused enough confusion amoung users; paving way for scamster and click-jackers to offer bogus links on Facebook that promise Timeline removal," added Aji Joseph.
The pint-sized scamster has been knocking on doors claiming to be collecting on behalf of Teesside Hospice.
And this is what we have with 'Alert in Bahrain' who warns us of what a scamster from Pakistan was "possibly" going to do.