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An ancient and poetic name for Scandinavia or the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Scan′di·an adj. & n.


[From scandium.]


the oxide of scandium, Sc2O3
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A 50/50 joint venture between BP and DuPont, Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC has announced the acquisition of Nesika Energy, LLC and its state-of-the-art ethanol facility in Scandia, Kansas.
When Megan and Brent Melby, co-owners of Melby's Home Center in Scandia, Kansas, wanted to get rid of some old inventory, they found a creative way to use several pieces at once: by building a busy board for kids.
Ermes Department stores said that its subsidiary, electrical appliances retailer Scandia signed a merger agreement with its until now competitor Megaelectric for an undisclosed amount.
IN MERSEY | In the Mersey today, Navion Scandia, a tanker carrying crude oils.
Sterling Arbor, founded by Jim Paul and based in Scandia, Minnesota, has become known over the years for legacy tree planting projects including the Lakewood Mausoleum, the Cargill corporate campus, and various private properties.
Rudy Larson, CEO of Scandia Company, accepts his Utah Business 20 In Their 20s award during the November event.
Graham combined Paradigm with sister companies Scandia Plastics and Precision Medical Inc.
Thomasville's new Elements & Origins line designed by Jena Hall is European-inspired with three collections--Britain, Scandia and Paris.
Scandia Run: The 41st annual Scandia Run will be held Aug.
It joined two other recent blow molding acquisitions, Scandia Plastics (Sept.
Attendees included people from GTE, Ford, Fiat, Visteon, Scandia, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing and Pratt & Whitney among others.
The hotel said extensive improvements have taken place in its Scandia Ballroom and event space with new carpets, drapes and updated audio-visual and sound equipment.