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An ancient and poetic name for Scandinavia or the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Scan′di·an adj. & n.


[From scandium.]


the oxide of scandium, Sc2O3
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Scandia Run: The 41st annual Scandia Run will be held Aug.
Ownership was represented by Bardwell Jones of Scandia Realty and the tenant was represented by David Barreto and Beth Chase.
It joined two other recent blow molding acquisitions, Scandia Plastics (Sept.
Department of Homeland Security s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released $121,323 in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds to the city of Scandia Minn.
The hotel said extensive improvements have taken place in its Scandia Ballroom and event space with new carpets, drapes and updated audio-visual and sound equipment.
With the AC1 drying system we forgot about this problem," said Daniel Mitrofan, Manager Tehnic for Scandia Food about the successful installation of Air Control Industries Can Drying Tunnel at the company's meat products plant in Judet Sibiu, Romania.
Eastern), at the Valhalla Inn, Scandia meeting room, 1 Valhalla Inn Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
The French fashion accessory brand Agatha Paris has acquired a 75 per cent stake in Fenno Scandia International (FSI), its longstanding regional master-franchisee.
TED's collection Sensi Scandia attracted enormous interest for a second time at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile expo, which took place between April 12 and April 17, 2011, and was attended by over 300 000 people.
Steve Bannie, 24442 Manning Trail, Scandia, MN 55073.
A spokesman for Scandia Foods, distributors of Ocean Crown cockles said: "We are concerned to hear a customer found something in one of the jars of cockles we distribute.
Named Sorapot, the item was well received, according to Roth, who said that retailers placing orders included Fred Segal, SF MOMA, Branch Home and Scandia Jewelers.