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adj. scant·er, scant·est
1. Barely sufficient: paid scant attention to the lecture.
2. Falling short of a specific measure: a scant cup of sugar.
3. Inadequately supplied; short: We were scant of breath after the lengthy climb.
tr.v. scant·ed, scant·ing, scants
1. To give an inadequate portion or allowance to: had to scant the older children in order to nourish the newborn.
2. To limit, as in amount or share; stint: Our leisure time is scanted by this demanding job.
3. To deal with or treat inadequately or neglectfully; slight.

[Middle English, from Old Norse skamt, neuter of skammr, short.]

scant′ly adv.
scant′ness n.
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Dimmesdale's church, and the young virgins who so idolized their minister, and had made a shrine for him in their white bosoms, which now, by-the-bye, in their hurry and confusion, they would scantly have given themselves time to cover with their kerchiefs.
By the road, Baywater was six miles away, but there was a short cut across hills and fields and woods which was scantly three.
We argue that deep trenches, some of the most remote, extreme, and scantly explored habitats on Earth, are hotspots of deposition and mineralization of organic material.
106) Since same-sex marriages remain scantly recognized around the world, (107) sexual minorities are often compelled to demonstrate this threshold of conjugality in order to access the same sponsorship benefits as legally wed couples.
11, 2013 to bomb "Islamic militants" scantly won him a reputation of being a 'decisive president'.
More specifically, the Russian logistics environment, and its scantly researched logistics service industry (e.
Meanwhile, the scantly funded offices that manage the information have a two-year backlog.
If space means that Beat Drum is rather scantly represented, then that surely provides Lilliput with the excuse of publishing it in its entirely.
Malinowski teasingly included a picture of young South Pacific "sensual temptations" presumably bare-breasted and scantly skirted (Young, 2004, p.
The famous US restaurant, notorious for scantly dressed waitresses wearing tops the size of your toe, fails to impress highly strung Lauren.
And similar to Cyrus, they too are scantly attired.
4) The contribution of the Prague School of Semiotics to contemporary performance theory is still only scantly known to western theorists of the theater.