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scar·i·fy 1

tr.v. scar·i·fied, scar·i·fy·ing, scar·i·fies
a. To make shallow cuts in (the skin), as when vaccinating.
b. To create a design on (the skin) by means of shallow cuts that are sometimes rubbed with a colorant or irritant to enhance the resulting scar tissue.
2. To break up the surface of (topsoil or pavement).
3. To distress deeply, as with severe criticism; lacerate.
4. Botany To slit or soften the outer coat of (seeds) in order to speed germination.

[Middle English scarifien, from Old French scarifier, from Late Latin scarīficāre, alteration of Latin scarīfāre, from Greek skarīphāsthai, to sketch, scratch, from skarīphos, pencil, stylus; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

scar′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
scar′i·fi′er n.

scar·i·fy 2

tr.v. scar·i·fied, scar·i·fy·ing, scar·i·fies
To scare.
References in classic literature ?
They agreed that the modern plough ploughed better, that the scarifier did the work more quickly, but they found thousands of reasons that made it out of the question for them to use either of them; and though he had accepted the conviction that he would have to lower the standard of cultivation, he felt sorry to give up improved methods, the advantages of which were so obvious.
We have a powerful yet lightweight 1300W Garden Gear 2-in-1 lawn rake and scarifier.
uk we have this powerful yet lightweight 1300W Garden Gear 2 in 1 lawn and scarifier to help put an end to the traditional heavy and laborious work of raking and scarifying your lawn.
A range of cutting edges and bits are available, as are a three-shank ripper, scarifier, and snow plow and snow-wing options.
For larger lawns, it's worth renting a petrol-driven lawn scarifier.
The scarifier should get the approval of authorised slaughterhouses prior to the slaughter and get the meat inspected to ensure safety and protect health.
Following these initial operations, CT plots were subjected to two or three workings with chisel plough, offset disks, and scarifier annually.
Since then, the business has had a good response to its demo programme with the GLS, which is designed to do more than a simple scarifier or slitter.
Many box blades also have retractable scarifier teeth that you can lower to help rip up particularly hard ground.