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adj. scar·i·er, scar·i·est
1. Causing fright or alarm.
2. Easily scared; very timid.

scar′i·ly adv.
scar′i·ness n.


the state or quality of being scary
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Currently on tour and appearing at the Lawrence Batley Theatre on, Wednesday, October 21, the show promises sufficient thrills and scariness to be given a 12-plus age guide.
But the film's real power lies in the way it takes its time -- note the opening scene, an extended conversation with no background music -- and the way it burrows into sadness rather than scariness.
Scariness of execution is really essential while estimates shows that psychological analyze didn't express this as well most of countries that omit execution like Scandinavian countries and Austria in America countries yet said execution is legal and has doubt about scariness like Spain and turkey.
4 Talk about it Sharing fears takes away a lot of their scariness.
Let's first turn our attention to Halloween, the annual ritual of scariness, which will have seen a miniature army of witches, zombies, vampires and more than a few Frozen princesses from the dark side patrolling the streets last night in search of treats, while threatening to play tricks on any who refuse to fill their plastic buckets with sugar.
Indeed, the frequency, vividness, and scariness of her dreams increased when Yani was faced with an opportunity to begin a romantic relationship.
Roller coasters range in scariness from the sedate to the downright terrifying.
Participants knew whether music they heard expressed happiness, sadness, scariness or peace.
The scariness comes from volume, speed, size and chaos.
Fear can be released by counseling and carrying out a continuous dialogue using children's own language as sharing fears take away a lot of scariness.