scarlet fever

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scarlet fever

An acute contagious disease caused by streptococcal bacteria, occurring predominantly among children and characterized by fever, sore throat, a rough, scarlet-red or dark rash, and often a whitish coating with red spots on the tongue. Also called scarlatina.

scarlet fever

(Pathology) an acute communicable disease characterized by fever, strawberry-coloured tongue, and a typical rash starting on the neck and chest and spreading to the abdomen and limbs, caused by all group A haemolytic Streptococcus bacteria. Technical name: scarlatina

scar′let fe′ver

a contagious febrile disease caused by streptococci and characterized by a red rash.

scar·let fever

A severe contagious bacterial disease that is characterized by a high fever and a scarlet rash on the skin. It mainly occurs in children.

scarlet fever

A severe bacterial infection giving rise to body rash and hair loss. Also called scarlatina.
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Noun1.scarlet fever - an acute communicable disease (usually in children) characterized by fever and a red rashscarlet fever - an acute communicable disease (usually in children) characterized by fever and a red rash
contagion, contagious disease - any disease easily transmitted by contact
حُمّى قِرْمِزِيَّه
kızıl hastalığı

scarlet fever

nScharlach m, → Scharlachfieber nt

scarlet fever



(ˈskaːlit) noun, adjective
(of) a bright red colour. scarlet poppies; She blushed scarlet.
scarlet fever
an infectious fever usually with a sore throat and red rash.

scar·let fe·ver

n. escarlatina, enfermedad contagiosa aguda caracterizada por fiebre y erupción con enrojecimiento de la piel y la lengua.
References in classic literature ?
you came to see us," she said, with a guilty and at the same time confiding smile, "all Dolly's children had scarlet fever, and he happened to come and see her.
Lilly informed us that the aforesaid neighbor's hired boy was supposed to be down with scarlet fever.
cried Jo, as Beth put out her hand as if to warn her off, and asked quickly, "You've had the scarlet fever, havent't you?
Towards the end of the term two or three boys caught scarlet fever, and there was much talk of sending them all home in order to escape an epidemic; but the sufferers were isolated, and since no more were attacked it was supposed that the outbreak was stopped.
She resembled, in her fierce pursuit of them, an infant pestilence -- the scarlet fever, or some such half-fledged angel of judgment -- whose mission was to punish the sins of the rising generation.
Percy Northumberland Driscoll, brother to the judge, and younger than he by five years, was a married man, and had had children around his hearthstone; but they were attacked in detail by measles, croup, and scarlet fever, and this had given the doctor a chance with his effective antediluvian methods; so the cradles were empty.
I shall never forget his flying Henry's kite for him that very windy day last Easterand ever since his particular kindness last September twelvemonth in writing that note, at twelve o'clock at night, on purpose to assure me that there was no scarlet fever at Cobham, I have been convinced there could not be a more feeling heart nor a better man in existence.
Squash Blossom, Blue Eye, Plantain, and Buttercup have had the scarlet fever, but came easily through it.
Only when her pupils quitted the establishment, or when they were about to be married, and once, when poor Miss Birch died of the scarlet fever, was Miss Pinkerton known to write personally to the parents of her pupils; and it was Jemima's opinion that if anything could console Mrs.
He had come to look upon felony as a kind of disorder, like the scarlet fever or erysipelas: some people had it-- some hadn't--just as it might be.
I could only see the tip, and the only thing that I could gain from that was to feel more certain than before that I had scarlet fever.
There are only three things I am afraid of--bumble-bees, scarlet fever, and chaperones.