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A person regarded as flighty, thoughtless, or disorganized.

scat′ter·brained′ adj.


a person who is incapable of serious thought or concentration


(ˈskæt ərˌbreɪn)

a person incapable of serious, connected thought.
scat′ter•brained`, adj.
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Noun1.scatterbrain - a flighty and disorganized personscatterbrain - a flighty and disorganized person  
simpleton, simple - a person lacking intelligence or common sense
شَخْص كَثير النِسْيان وغَيْر مَوْثوق
forvirret person
szórakozott ember
unutkan kimse


[ˈskætəbreɪn] Ncabeza mf de chorlito


[ˈskætəˌbreɪn] n (fam) → sventato/a, sbadato/a


(ˈskӕtə) verb
1. to (make) go or rush in different directions. The sudden noise scattered the birds; The crowds scattered when the bomb exploded.
2. to throw loosely in different directions. The load from the overturned lorry was scattered over the road.
ˈscattered adjective
occasional; not close together. Scattered showers are forecast for this morning; The few houses in the valley are very scattered.
ˈscattering noun
a small amount scattered here and there. a scattering of sugar.
ˈscatterbrain noun
a forgetful or unreliable person.
ˈscatterbrained adjective
References in classic literature ?
The scatterbrain that gave La Mancha more Rich spoils than Jason's; who a point so keen Had to his wit, and happier far had been If his wit's weathercock a blunter bore; The arm renowned far as Gaeta's shore, Cathay, and all the lands that lie between; The muse discreet and terrible in mien As ever wrote on brass in days of yore; He who surpassed the Amadises all, And who as naught the Galaors accounted, Supported by his love and gallantry: Who made the Belianises sing small, And sought renown on Rocinante mounted; Here, underneath this cold stone, doth he lie.
160) The Anabaptists are "poor fanatics," "drunkards," "frantic people," "poor scatterbrains," "harebrained and obstinate people," and "confounded in their madness.