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A graph showing data for two or more variables as coordinates in a Cartesian system of two or more axes, often appearing as scattered or clustered dots. Also called scatter diagram, scattergram.
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Starting with a scatterplot showing the relationship between income per capita and life expectancy by country, the Gapminder adds color coding by region and bubble size by population.
CA/MCA results are often displayed visually as a scatterplot with dimensions as axes and variable categories and/or participants as points on the scatterplot.
Figure 2 shows the presence of microcytic RBC & reticulocyte populations lower on the Y axis of the scatterplot in contrast to the iron replete example in Figure 1.
Figure 2 shows a scatterplot of log k values and corresponding AUC values.
a) Scatterplot of the 19 initial physical observations (crosses) and the 35 simulator outputs (circles), (b) Scatterplot of the 19 physical experiment outputs (crosses) and the calibrated predictions (diamonds) at the same 19 control inputs used in the physical experimental design.
Temple created a six-and-a-half-minute video to further explain what a scatterplot is and how to create one.
The scatterplot between concentration and brightness L * coordinate shown in Figure 1.
In Figure 2, it is possible to observe on the scatterplot that there are errors and distant percentages, confirming that values of the adapted TCST cannot be used based on the values of the original TCST.