scavenger cell

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Noun1.scavenger cell - a cell that engulfs and digests debris and invading microorganismsscavenger cell - a cell that engulfs and digests debris and invading microorganisms
somatic cell, vegetative cell - any of the cells of a plant or animal except the reproductive cells; a cell that does not participate in the production of gametes; "somatic cells are produced from preexisting cells";
macrophage - a large phagocyte; some are fixed and other circulate in the blood stream
fixed phagocyte - a phagocyte that does not circulate in the blood but is fixed in the liver or spleen or bone marrow etc.
free phagocyte - a phagocyte that circulates in the blood
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On the other hand, certain probiotic bacteria in the intestine stimulate the immune system in the right ways, increasing scavenger cell activity and promoting production of antibodies against invaders.
The scavenger cell pathway for lipoprotein degradation: specificity of the binding site that mediates the uptake of negatively-charged LDL by macrophages.
A major and unique opportunity for SLIL Biomedical stems from a breakthrough discovery that links the macrophage cell -- the so-called scavenger cell of the immune system -- to diseases caused by excessive, uncontrolled cell proliferation," said Dr.
In contrast, cholesterol cannot be broken down, so the excess is gobbled up by scavenger cells in the artery wall and becomes part of the plaque.
The latest technology sees lasers used to break of particles of ink into tiny fragments, which are then taken away by scavenger cells in the skin, causing the tattoo to fade and eventually disappear.
At the same time, a group of support cells called glia and scavenger cells called microglia accumulated in the hypothalamus and appeared to become activated.