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Noun1.scenic artist - an artist specializing in scenic subjectsscenic artist - an artist specializing in scenic subjects
painter - an artist who paints
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Bruce and Scenic Artist Will Ferrell will be awarded the Guild's Lifetime Achievement Awards.
Professionally, he has been a carpenter, prop master, scenic artist, purchaser, sound designer, production manager, set designer and dance teacher.
A former fairground worker, teacher and scenic artist, he settled in Liverpool in 1957 and taught at the art college.
Jeffrey Cook, a resident scenic artist for Seattle Children's Theatre, is the scenic designer.
A fine artist, photographer, painter, and scenic artist, Cotte has painted textiles for haute couture houses since 1991, using brushes, dyes, and resins.
The tablets come with a letter of authenticity from the creator, Paramount Studios scenic artist A.
in painting from Smith College in 1997 and became an Off- and Off-Off Broadway set designer and scenic artist.
And they enlisted the help of scenic artist Helen Wright - but Helen landed a job as Santa's assistant in Lapland and had to paint the main backdrop before she left in November.
The rest of the team includes Montreal scenic artist Caroline Guibault and lighting designer Gabriel Cropley.
Splash of colour: Scenic artist Elaine Alderson, who used to paint sets for Coronation Street, working on the walls of the nursery at Thomson Holidays Sensatori resort in Tenerife.
After graduating in 1989 she began a career as a prop maker and scenic artist.