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(Military) military South African a pile of stones heaped to shelter soldiers from gunfire
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Finding that inquiries are often complex undertakings (Hmelo-Silver, Duncan, & Chinn, 2007), research, particularly in the field of science learning, has made considerable efforts to reduce complexity by dividing the inquiry process into smaller and logically connected stages, phases, or activities that draw attention to specific aspects of scientific reasoning (see, for example, the reviews of Bell, Urhahne, Schanze, & Ploetzner, 2010; Pedaste et al.
You're spoiled for choice but SCHMITT Foxy Food Schanze in Schulterblatt is worth a stop for the classic currywurst and chips (schmitt-foxyfood.
Dell "Super Dell'' Schanze eventually pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from accusations he chased and kicked a barn owl in flight while on his motorized paraglider.
Super" Dell Schanze, a Utah businessman, was being investigated for a video that reportedly showed him chasing and then kicking a protected owl.
For individual comments and assistance, we would particularly like to thank Barry Adler, Margaret Blair, Patrick Bolton, Albert Choi, Jens Dammann, William Eskridge, Oliver Hart, Marshall Heubner, Edward Iacobucci, Louis Kaplow, Paul Kingsley, Ruben Kraiem, Shmuel Leshem, Bentley MacLeod, Charles Nathan, Megan O'Flynn, Eric Rasmussen, Eric Schanze, Alan Schwartz, Urs Schweizer, Simone Sepe, Henry Smith, and Richard Squire.
Opa Was a Nazi: Family, Memory, and Generational Difference in 2005 Films by Malte Ludin and Jens Schanze.
Located in the popular Schanze district downtown--an area that since the early 1990s has incubated left-wing politics along with a vibrant nightlife--the building's primary limitation is that it's only 15 feet wide.
Instead, you'd do what any reasonable journalist would: come to the realization that the world doesn't need any more wasted column space on Schanze.
Thus, although Schanze clearly sympathizes with famed MIT computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum's view that the recent scientific and industrial shift toward greater emphasis on robots and robotic research is a potentially dangerous path, Schanze is also clearly fascinated with the missionary zeal of scientist/futurist Ray Kurzweil, who firmly argues the positives of a future where human and machine merge into a new kind of being.
Hamburg is also Germany's music capital, with a great variety of musicals, such as Disney's "The Lion King", live music in diverse clubs in the areas of Karolinenviertel and Schanze and outstanding classical music at Hamburg State Opera or Hamburg Ballet.
Josef Kopperschmidt and Helmut Schanze (Munich: Fink, 1994), 219-40.
fundamental principles of decomposition"); Erich Schanze, Legalism,