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Noun1.schematisation - providing a chart or outline of a system
representation - an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent
2.schematisation - the act of reducing to a scheme or formula
reduction, simplification - the act of reducing complexity
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Cette approche aurait apparemment constitue un outil de schematisation des interactions entre les acteurs sociaux pour les rendre intelligibles aux specialistes ayant pour tache de conserver et de diffuser le patrimoine documentaire de la nation.
Overall, the Middle Magdalenian of the Central zone (eastern Vienne) is characterised by a preference for individual realism; Aquitaine by a trend towards anonymity and schematisation, especially in the Late Magdalenian; and the Middle and Late Magdalenian of the Pyrenees by non-realism and distortion of the human form (Figure 10).
La sacro-sainte primaute constitutionnelle (54), telle que la presente la doctrine classique dans la schematisation de la hierarchie des normes, se trouve ainsi desavouee.
Elle a donc propose une autre schematisation (Girard 2007 : 54, 2009 : 75) que nous avons quelque peu amenagee (voir Figure 2).
Dika admonishes against such schematisation, however, maintaining that "these terms should be understood as describing a dynamic between the opposing sides to a single internal force, one that struggles between the poles of conscious restraint and unbridled violent action.
As a consequence, a postmodernist reframing of Africa's organisational practice will usher in a new era of organisational leadership that resonates with Ubuntu, a schematisation of collectivist, shared leadership model that takes the cultural identity of African organisations into consideration.
As an alternative model to the 'global' formula, and as an answer to those who highlight its necessity in the Australian context, this paper will propose a straightforward schematisation of some of the cognitive processes at work in kin category determination.