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Any of various medium-grained to coarse-grained metamorphic rocks composed of laminated, often flaky parallel layers of chiefly micaceous minerals.

[French schiste, from Latin (lapis) schistos, fissile (stone), a kind of iron ore, from Greek skhistos, split, divisible, from skhizein, to split; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

schis′tose′ (shĭs′tōs′), schis′tous (-təs) adj.


1. (Geological Science) another word for schistose
2. another word for schistose
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The best wines of Morgon come from schistous or slate soils, rather than granite, such as the Cote de Py.
The soil, covering schistous substrate, has no outcrops in the immediate vicinity, although a little further east (parish of Zebreira) there are some granite outcrops, with schist outcrops in the south (parish of Rosmaninhal) and tertiary sand-conglomerate in the north and west.
Cespititious perennial grasslands, oceanic thermomediterranean, dry to subhumid, typical of pliopleistocene sandy soils which develop, by wind action, on the top of Jurassic and schistous cliffs, as well as on sand and older plio-pleistocene sandstone, usually in the undercover of disclimatic pine-woods (Pinus pinaster).