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 (skĭt′sō) Offensive Slang
n. pl. schiz·os
A schizophrenic person.


(Psychology) schizophrenic
n, pl -os
(Psychology) a schizophrenic person


(ˈskɪt soʊ)

n., pl. schiz•os,
adj. Slang. n.
1. a schizophrenic or schizoid person.
2. schizophrenic or schizoid.
3. crazy; wildly eccentric.
[1940–45; by shortening; compare -o]


a combining form meaning “split,” “fission”: schizocarp. Also, esp. before a vowel,schiz-.
[< Greek, comb. form representing schízein to part, split]


[ˈskɪtsəʊ] Nesquizo/a m/f


n (= schizophrenic)Schizophrene(r) mf; (= crazy person)Verrückte(r) mf (inf)
adj (= schizophrenic)schizophren; (= crazy)verrückt (inf)
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Students will now work in groups to produce a storyboard of their own interpretation of Schizo and will be given two weeks to prepare a pitch presentation to a panel of judges including; Joe Chidanyika NHS health improvement specialist for mental health promotion, Jim Knight former ITV Tyne Tees and BBC newsroom presenter and freelance media producer, and someone who has a mental health problem.
En route to Worthing Police Station, he said: "I'm schizo, I did it and loved it and s***, I should have stabbed her more," Mr Hall told the court.
Psycho (1960), which has been endlessly dissected by psychoanalytic approaches (as has much of Hitchcock's oeuvre), takes on new life when analyzed as a schizo text.
Such kids are ultra-vulnerable to peer group pressure, and here Shaun fails in with skins and misfits who end up as foothills set against the mountainous schizo intrusion that is Combo.
unless they're on one of they're (sic) SCHIZO stages.
Set in the vast plains of Kazakhstan in the early 1990s, Schizo, an impressive Russian film, traces the tangled relationships between a young man, an ex-boxer and a single mother who live on the edge of town.
And keep your eyes open for Schizo, featuring more of the same.
Someone may have a personality disorder or schizo affective disorder.
engage:BDR's proprietary ad serving technology provides unparalleled performance with advanced audience targeting based on census data and IP data, allowing engage:BDR to reach the exact audience for Schizo Pictures projects efficiently.
Al-Mansour district has another section renamed Schizo in honor of an African tribal chief who was the first to live there.
YOUNG people in the UK are highly likely to be called names such as freak and schizo when they are distressed, contributing to bad attitudes towards those with poor mental health, a study has found.