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also shlock  (shlŏk)Slang
Something, such as merchandise or literature, that is inferior or poorly made.
Of inferior quality; cheap or shoddy.

[Possibly from Yiddish shlak, apoplexy, stroke, wretch, evil, nuisance, from Middle High German slag, slak, stroke, from slahen, to strike, from Old High German slahan.]

schlock′y, shlock′y adj.
Our Living Language A number of English words borrowed from Yiddish (a variety of German with an admixture of Hebrew and Slavic elements) are recognizably of foreign extraction because they begin with sound combinations (shl-, shm-, shn-) not found at the beginnings of native English words. Schlock is such a word; it is descended from a Middle High German word for a hit or blow, and thus came to refer to damaged merchandise, and then to merchandise of poor quality. Other words beginning with this and similar sound combinations are Yiddish also: schlep, schmooze, schmuck, and schnoz. These words may not be equally common in all regions of the United States; they are most frequently heard in areas with sizable Jewish populations that either speak Yiddish or are descended from Yiddish speakers, such as New York City. Of course, not all Yiddish words borrowed into English begin with the sound (sh); one need only think of bagel, lox, blintz, nosh, meshuga, and kibitz to get a feeling for the variety of words that Yiddish-speaking Jews brought with them to America.


adj, -kier or -kiest
slang US of poor quality
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Slang. Of decidedly inferior quality:
Informal: cheesy.
Slang: crummy.
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And yet, despite the fact that this novel is no great literary masterpiece or even particularly well-written, it certainly doesn't belong beside other schlocky global bestsellers, like The Da Vinci Code or The Bridges of Madison County.
Great fun and the sort of schlocky nonsense you need at this time of year.
The schlocky horror show special effects haven't worn quite so well, more end-of-term pantomime than cutting edge.
The book's title is inspired by a schlocky 1950s sci-fi B-Movie, as Mayer explains: "That particular movie is a very funny one because when it came out in 1958 - where it's in that case Attack of the 50ft Woman, singular - it was an expression of fear about what an empowered woman might do.
The 1968, Planet of the Apes was a schlocky yet well-regarded fantasy made timeless by one of the great twist endings in cinema.
Rather than being hyperrealistic slashers, his horror films are at the schlocky end of the spectrum--think: low--angle shots of monsters in obviously plastic masks--and characterised by what the filmmaker describes in the documentary as an undercurrent theme of 'persecution' that attracts him to the horror genre, or what Wilson calls the artist's continuing concern with 'violence [and] psychology'.
However, I had terrible visions of the schlocky fit-out and plating opportunities this back-story afforded.
21, presents the right amounts of schlocky patriotism and action-movie pacing to create an updated, serialized version of "Air Force One," or, better yet, "The West Wing" meets "24.
Part of the blame for the resolution's schlocky content must be borne by those who advised the Foreign Minister, especially members of the Foreign Service, who let the Minister indulge his folly while keeping their counsel obsequiously mute.
The icing on the cake is the fact that, unlike some top-grossers, A Second Chance didn't have to go the slap-happy, schlocky route to fame and fortune, and was a good movie.
He seemed unsure about the tone of the film, which is part parody, part slapstick and too schlocky as a whole.