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She shows how to succeed in five schmoozing arenas--social, family, workplace, education, and cross-cultural interactions--and provides examples of good and bad schmoozing drawn from hundreds of real-world verbal interactions and from TV and film.
All the schmoozing and strategizing involved in seeking the job of House Speaker is worth it come February, when the leader of the lower chamber gets to choose the chairmen of committees, who have the power to stop, slow or speed legislation through the process.
Now, while that might work in Hollywood, I wouldn't quite advise using the otherwise-talented Marx brothers as role models for your schmoozing skills.
The Schmoozing Calendar by the Fort Collins marketing executive is now in its fourth year.
I wasn't very good at the schmoozing and high-fiving.
CELEBRITY Masterchef finalist, actor Mark Moraghan schmoozing with friends at Schmooze wine bar on Church Road in Allerton
My first move to Washington, 18 years ago, was an introduction to schmoozing.
1) MAYER and DAUGHTRY: Grammy night a time for schmoozing
SCHMOOZING WITH STARS Sooo, what's Johnny Depp like?
In a business where schmoozing skills are key, Mule and Scott are both happy to report that being out professionally has been, if anything, a plus.
Naturally, the beach deck was a bonanza during a festival favoured by 10 days of crystalline blue skies--a convivial environment for talking co-productions, doing press, schmoozing or even chilling for a while before heading back into the fray.
Anyone facing the possibility of massive medical bills would want to earn money quickly, and if that means doing a Playboy photo shoot in LA and schmoozing Hugh Hefner afterwards, that's her job.