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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: newspaper - a newspaper written and published by students in a schoolschool newspaper - a newspaper written and published by students in a school
newspaper, paper - a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements; "he read his newspaper at breakfast"
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K12 Kit provides schools with cloud based tools for the classroom, school newspaper, yearbook, sports, clubs, fundraisers and study groups.
The project categories are: The Sustainable School Award sponsored by Nexus, the Active Community Award, the School Newspaper Award and the Healthy School Award.
The project categories are Sustainable School Award sponsored by Nexus; Active Community Award; School Newspaper Award and Healthy School Award.
PRESS GANG: Olivia Battye, front, leads the editorial team of The Hepworth Herald, the school newspaper which is produced by years five and six (AC151110Enews-01) Purchase: www.
They were elected to be editors of their own school newspaper for a "disaster day" which will see a series of mock emergencies staged on the school site in Rookery Lane.
YOUNG Journalists is a club where we write about things that happen in school and we work together just like real journalists to produce our school newspaper and the Kron Page.
When Sanjay Gupta was a middle school student in Novi, Michigan, he wanted to spend that chunk of time writing for his school newspaper.
Curious, logical Brian, an Asian American student in the mostly white small town of Bloodwater, Minnesota, teams up with persistent and fearless school newspaper reporter Roni to solve the case of a missing teen.
These rights "allow the free interchange of information," says Claire Lueneburg, an editor of her high school newspaper in Everett, Washington (see "Rights for Students?
I have since started writing a weekly column in the school newspaper at the University of Nebraska talking about gay and lesbian issues.
Every year, no local school newspaper does a better job covering sports than Hart's Smoke Signal.
She has been a school newspaper reporter, served on the yearbook committee and is a teen leader with the STARS abstinence program.

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