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 (sko͞ol′märm′) also school·ma'am (-mäm′, -măm′)
A woman teacher, especially one who is regarded as strict or old-fashioned.

[school + dialectal marm (variant of ma'am).]

school′marm′ish adj.


1. a woman schoolteacher, esp when considered to be prim, prudish, or old-fashioned
2. Brit any woman considered to be prim, prudish, or old-fashioned
[C19: from school1 + marm, variant of ma'am. See madam]
ˈschoolˌmarmish adj



a female schoolteacher, esp. an old-fashioned type.
[1835–45, Amer.]
school′marm`ish, adj.
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Noun1.schoolmarm - a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)schoolmarm - a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)
school teacher, schoolteacher - a teacher in a school below the college level


[ˈskuːlmɑːm] N (pej) → institutriz f


[ˈskuːlˌmɑːm] n (pej) → maestrina
References in classic literature ?
They got to talkin' 'bout school, for mother has summer-boarded a lot o' the schoolmarms, an' likes 'em.
She describes herself on her Twitter bio as a 'nosey natterer who watches too much TV & talks too much' and during our time together, she hardly seems to pause for breath, but she's friendly and engaging - only switching slightly to schoolmarm mode when we ask if her full name is Gabrielle.
This was the gang, after all, who turned the Space Shuttle program into an Affirmative Action carnival ("Let's see; we've sent up a schoolmarm "astronaut" and a black "astronaut," what's next?
quoted in Cook 1998: 293) Thus women in the genre are typically reduced to stereotyped roles like schoolmarm and saloon girl, as famously rendered in My Darling Clementine (1946) by Cathy Downs' Clementine Carter and Linda Darnell's Chihuaha respectively--these two opposing types themselves reflecting the genre's characteristic ambivalence toward woman discussed here.
Campbell's chapter, "Post-Western Geneaologies: John Sayle's Lone Star (1996) and Silver City (2004)," argues that Lone Star may "inherit the stock characters and locations" from Westerns, but the film also contests the normative conventions of the genre, including "the sheriff, the schoolmarm, the Indian, the army in its fort, many Mexicans, the U.
The quiet man with hidden skills and the soul of a schoolmarm, the purring villain with the silky foreign accent.
Of course they shall, even though she's an English schoolmarm and he's the king of Siam.
One of the few females among mostly male or anthropomorphic figures, "The Seeker" is a woman clad in a high-collared dress reminiscent of 16th-century styles, with multitudinous fine lines giving radiant decoration to her costume, and she sports an ageing schoolmarm hairstyle penciled with infinitesimal accuracy.
The Resort is introducing its first-ever family ski trail, The Schoolyard, to debut on Keystone's signature green cruiser, Schoolmarm.
My 6am wakeup call had the ferocity of a sleep-deprived schoolmarm armed with a loudspeaker.
Merchant rocked that schoolmarm sensuality, playing with the mother archetype, then lifting her skirt, showing knee and leg in sensual dances evoking the whore/mother dichotomy she explores so effectively on "Ophelia.
He rather liked the current laser-pointing schoolmarm, Hillary Clinton.