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Of, relating to, or employing the methodology of science.

[Medieval Latin scientificus, producing knowledge : Latin scientia, knowledge; see science + Latin -ficus, -fic.]

sci′en·tif′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk) or


1. (prenominal) of, relating to, derived from, or used in science: scientific equipment.
2. (prenominal) occupied in science: scientific manpower.
3. conforming with the principles or methods used in science: a scientific approach.
ˌscienˈtifically adv


(ˌsaɪ ənˈtɪf ɪk)

1. of, pertaining to, or concerned with a science or the sciences.
2. regulated by or conforming to the principles of exact science.
3. systematic or accurate in the manner of an exact science.
[1580–90; < Medieval Latin scientificus= Latin scient- (see science) + -i - -i- + -ficus -fic]
sci`en•tif′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.scientific - of or relating to the practice of science; "scientific journals"
2.scientific - conforming with the principles or methods used in science; "a scientific approach"
unscientific - not consistent with the methods or principles of science; "an unscientific lack of objectivity"


2. systematic, accurate, exact, precise, ordered, controlled, rational, mathematical, rigorous, analytical, methodical the scientific study of capitalist development
عِلْميعِلْمي، مُتَعَلِّق بالعِلْمعِلْميّ
có tính khoa học


[ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk] ADJcientífico


[ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk] adj
(of the sciences) [research, experiments, study, knowledge, discovery] → scientifique
(= systematic) [approach, way] → scientifique


(= of natural sciences)naturwissenschaftlich; apparatus, equipmentwissenschaftlich; on a scientific basisauf wissenschaftlicher Grundlage; the scientific communitydie Wissenschaftlergemeinde; scientific officerwissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin; scientific opiniondie Expertenmeinung, die wissenschaftliche Lehrmeinung
(= systematic, exact) classification, methods, studywissenschaftlich; to be scientific about somethingetw systematisch angehen; he is a keen but not scientific football playerer ist ein begeisterter, doch technisch schwacher Fußballspieler; his scientific boxing techniqueseine gekonnte Boxtechnik


[ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk] adjscientifico/a


(ˈsaiəns) noun
1. knowledge gained by observation and experiment.
2. a branch of such knowledge eg biology, chemistry, physics etc.
3. these sciences considered as a whole. My daughter prefers science to languages.
ˌscienˈtific (-ˈti-) adjective
1. of science. scientific dis-coveries.
2. (negative unscientific) following the rules of science. scientific methods.
ˌscienˈtifically (-ˈti-) adverb
ˈscientist noun
a person who studies one or more branches of science.
science fiction abbreviation ( sci-fi)
stories dealing with future times on Earth or in space.


عِلْميّ vědecký videnskabelig wissenschaftlich επιστημονικός científico tieteellinen scientifique znanstveni scientifico 科学の 과학적인 wetenschappelijk vitenskapelig naukowy científico научный vetenskaplig ตามหลักวิทยาศาสตร์ bilimsel có tính khoa học 科学的


adj científico
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The scientific celebrities, forgetting their mollusks and glacial periods, gossiped about art, while devoting themselves to oysters and ices with characteristic energy; the young musician, who was charming the city like a second Orpheus, talked horses; and the specimen of the British nobility present happened to be the most ordinary man of the party.
To save you the trouble of wading through a lot of scientific detail, which I know you don't care about, I'll tell you that the story is about a queer idol of solid gold, weighing many pounds, and, in consequence, of great value.
Our ancestors were far above such scientific cowardice
It strikes me occasionally, just as a scientific hypothesis,--that perhaps it is the paper!
Happily, their father, completely absorbed in a practical, scientific, and approving contemplation of the topography and material resources of the scene of his future labors, had no time to notice their defection.
He was heard to speak of Sir Kenelm Digby and other famous men -- whose scientific attainments were esteemed hardly less than supernatural -- as having been his correspondents or associates.
Yet, owing to the long priority of his claims, and the profound ignorance which, till some seventy years back, invested the then fabulous and utterly unknown sperm-whale, and which ignorance to this present day still reigns in all but some few scientific retreats and whale-ports; this usurpation has been every way complete.
Now, the beheading of the Sperm Whale is a scientific anatomical feat, upon which experienced whale surgeons very much pride themselves; and not without reason.
Jurgis, as a beggar, was simply a blundering amateur in competition with organized and scientific professionalism.
I was training a crowd of ignorant folk into experts -- experts in every sort of handiwork and scientific calling.
Scientific men perceived in it a confirmation of their theories concerning the glacial period; so through their persuasions the little tract of ground was bought and permanently protected against being built upon.
I am going to try a scientific experiment," explained the Rajah.

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