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Noun1.scientific agriculture - the application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop productionscientific agriculture - the application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop production
science, scientific discipline - a particular branch of scientific knowledge; "the science of genetics"
agrobiology - the study of plant nutrition and growth especially as a way to increase crop yield
agrology - science of soils in relation to crops
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Scientific agriculture demanded new, more productive plants and animals.
Pan-Africanist Professor Dani Nabudere described this as capitalist scientific agriculture attempting "to destroy the small farmer and livestock keeper who have historically produced and reproduced natural seeds and domestic animal husbandry.
The Hatch Act, which established experiment stations designed to provide farmers with information useful for increasing yields, ushered in a new era of scientific agriculture (Hillison, 1996).
He was the author of two significant books on scientific agriculture, Crop Production in Western Canada (1920) and Dry Farming in Western Canada (1921).
NNA - The low atmospheric pressure, Silvester, which its signs started to appear would arrive in Lebanon on Thursday 31 December (Saint Sylvester Day), the Scientific Agriculture Department forecasted.
Implicit in this was a narrative about 'infested areas' and an implicit critique of indigenous farming practices as antithetical to modern scientific agriculture and disease prevention.
He never forgot his firsthand observations of the economic challenges Southern farmers faced in the post-Civil War era; these experiences strongly influenced his ideas about scientific agriculture and the importance of Extension education.
3(Petra)-The Faculty of Agriculture at the Jordan University of Science and Technology(JUST) to hold its seventh Scientific Agriculture Conference (SSAC-2012)on the occasion of its silver jubilee ,during the period 8-10 Oct.
Carver's idea of scientific agriculture would affect Southern environmental thinking as a whole, and this outlines in detail Carver's life and contributions in a key acquisition for science, ecology and Afro-American biography holding alike.
The institutionalized racism of the era was yet another barrier Carter had to deal with in his mission to help his fellow human beings become better stewards of the earth; his work would force him to reconsider his own view of scientific agriculture even as his strived to teach a more balanced and long-term view to others.

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