scientific research

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Noun1.scientific research - research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypothesesscientific research - research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses
research - systematic investigation to establish facts
big science - scientific research that requires massive capital investment but is expected to yield very significant results
biological research - scientific research conducted by biologists
experiment, experimentation - the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
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These structures bear every indication of a very high antiquity and Kory-Kory, who was my authority in all matters of scientific research, gave me to understand that they were coeval with the creation of the world; that the great gods themselves were the builders; and that they would endure until time shall be no more.
At the period when these events took place, I had just returned from a scientific research in the disagreeable territory of Nebraska, in the United States.
It was a purely scientific research party sent out by my father's father, the Jeddak of Helium, to rechart the air currents, and to take atmospheric density tests," replied the fair prisoner, in a low, well-modulated voice.
I don't think you have read ten pages of Spencer, but there have been critics, assumably more intelligent than you, who have read no more than you of Spencer, who publicly challenged his followers to adduce one single idea from all his writings - from Herbert Spencer's writings, the man who has impressed the stamp of his genius over the whole field of scientific research and modern thought; the father of psychology; the man who revolutionized pedagogy, so that to-day the child of the French peasant is taught the three R's according to principles laid down by him.
The newspapers showered him with praise and honor, and commended him for having given up the drudgery of the lecture room in order to devote his whole time to scientific research.
Hunt had offered them the protection and facilities of his party, in their scientific research up the Missouri River.
The allied Chino-Japanese fleet made the same distinction as the Germans between airships and fighting machines heavier than air, but the type in both cases was entirely different from the occidental models, and--it is eloquent of the vigour with which these great peoples took up and bettered the European methods of scientific research in almost every particular the invention of Asiatic engineers.
The new center was created with the purpose of carrying out complex scientific research works, strengthening coordination of fundamental and applied research in the most important areas of development of the agro-industrial complex in the region, including crop production, farming, animal husbandry, the economy of agricultural production, veterinary medicine and other scientific areas.
Mahmoud Sakr, the president of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, said that scientific research leads to development, and the inauguration of the technology pyramid will help in achieving what we are looking for and activate the applied phase of scientific research in Egypt.
Carpio spoke after Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said in a post on Facebook that President Rodrigo Duterte had ordered a stop to all foreign scientific research in Philippine Rise, a 13-million-hectare underwater plateau off Aurora province.
The meeting aims at improving the scientific research system in Syria during the upcoming stage to be consistent with the government's directions in the reconstruction stage and to utilize the scientific research outcomes through implementing the government's plan in the various development, economic, social, health and services fields.
In a statement to TAP at the opening of the training session, Malek Kochlef, director of bilateral co-operation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research said the training will focus on the identification of priorities and planning of scientific research and innovation programmes.

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