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1. The collection of attitudes and practices considered typical of scientists.
2. The belief that the investigative methods of the physical sciences are applicable or justifiable in all fields of inquiry.

sci′en·tis′tic adj.


1. the application of, or belief in, the scientific method
2. the uncritical application of scientific or quasi-scientific methods to inappropriate fields of study or investigation
ˌscienˈtistic adj


(ˈsaɪ ənˌtɪz əm)

1. the assumptions, methods, etc., regarded as typifying scientists.
2. the belief that the principles and methods of the physical and biological sciences should be applied to other disciplines.
3. scientific or pseudoscientific language.
sci`en•tis′tic, adj.


1. Often Disparaging. the style, assumptions, techniques, practices, etc., typifying or regarded as typifying scientists.
2. the belief that the assumptions and methods of the natural sciences are appropriate and essential to all other disciplines, including the humanities and the social sciences.
3. scientific or pseudoscientific language. — scientistic, adj.
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This analysis elucidates the ways in which the East German cultural apparatus appropriated and reconfigured Humboldt to fit its needs, as well as how, more generally, the SED designed and implemented a scientistic worldview that continues to affect and shape culture in eastern Germany today.
The educated class of Victorian England went wild for fairies and spirits in the heyday of scientistic optimism, and both Vall`e and von D'e4niken offered up their books amid the Age of Aquarius' similar craze.
These arguments enact an impasse between scientific objectivity and scientistic Marxist doctrine.
I have, in fact, insisted that scientistic and technocratic movements have played a central role in increasing the production of material goods and the effective providing of public services wherever they have been employed, and I am convinced that many public decisions in today's world unavoidably depend in large part on technically competent advisory input.
In this autobiographical work, specificities of educational experiences in early childhood are not described in a scientistic manner, and no claims are made regarding theoretical generalizability (Burger 2013).
Rorty (1987) has also pointed out that this overemphasis on the epistemic functions of reason, and within that a privileging of a particular scientistic approach to inquiry devoid of personal will and affect, has led scientific enquiry away from moral and political considerations, which actually are at the heart of decisions about what we believe and how we act.
Never scientistic, Knight gives astrology, alchemy, and natural magic their due, not as arcane antecedents to true science but as bodies of long-credible knowledge "contrasting with and complementing the common sense and logic" of emerging ideas and practices (39).
On the left, meanwhile, the cadres of another version of the clerisy--also influenced by Romance and then by a scientistic enthusiasm, in their case for historical materialism-developed the illiberal idea that ideas do not matter.
This much granted, it seems more scientistic than scientific.
And by heralding the dawn of a technologically superior Zivilization that would hail technology as against anemic art and useless philosophy, Spengler glorified a posthistorical paradise of scientistic modernity.
However, a good many self-styled modern naturalists are committed first and foremost to upholding the scientistic credo that science can, in principle, explain everything worth explaining, such as the emergence of conscious thought itself.