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Any of several bulbous Eurasian and African plants of the genus Scilla, having narrow leaves and cultivated for their bell-shaped blue, white, or pink flowers. Also called squill.

[New Latin Scilla, genus name, from Latin scilla, squill (Urginea maritima); see squill.]


(Plants) any liliaceous plant of the genus Scilla, of Old World temperate regions, having small bell-shaped flowers. See also squill3
[C19: via Latin from Greek skilla; compare squill]
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Noun1.scilla - an Old World plant of the genus Scilla having narrow basal leaves and pink or blue or white racemose flowersscilla - an Old World plant of the genus Scilla having narrow basal leaves and pink or blue or white racemose flowers
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
genus Scilla - sometimes placed in subfamily Hyacinthaceae
Scilla verna, spring squill, sea onion - European scilla with small blue or purple flowers
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As well as a host of golden daffodils, they also planted bluebells, wild garlic, crocuses, scillas and puschkinia, a flower that's native to the Middle East.
address at 37, rue de Scillas, L-2529 Howald, Luxembourg 15.
Or if you love the wild primrose, Primula vulgaris, try it with puschkinia, scillas or chionodoxa and anemone nemorosa, our native wood anemone.
With dark purple tulips, for instance, I would use scillas and white camassias underneath.
I will leave you to make your selections from the minor bulbs such as Snowdrops, Scillas, Muscari, Chionodoxa.
Put in scillas, snowdrops, tulips, daffodils, and crocuses as the moon wanes.
But daffodils, tulips, fritillarias, hyacinths, trilliums, snowdrops, winter aconites, scillas, crocuses and grape hyacinths are only the beginning of the parade of blooming bulbs.
For a carpet of uplifting, electric blue spring flowers, you just can't beat scillas.
A I'm very keen on gardening with bbulbs, specially the small spring bulbs like scillas, anemones, chionodoxas and miniature narcissi.
Add to the interest from a chimonanthus, or other winter flowering plant, by planting a few early spring bulbs around the base of the chimonanthus, a few of those snowdrops, crocus, scillas or chionodoxa will do well.
In mild climates (zones 9, 14-17), plant crocuses, daffodils, Dutch irises, freesias, homeria, hyacinths, ixias, Leucojum aestivum, scillas, sparaxis, tritonias, tulips, and watsonias.