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Animated, brilliant, or highly skilled: a scintillating personality; a scintillating performance.

scin′til·lat′ing·ly adv.


adv scintillatingly funnybrillant komisch
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Roger Taylor said: "These guys are incredibly talented, with their scintillatingly perfect recreation of our songs.
It's that nirvana moment in sport when the chief participants are supremely fit, scintillatingly well prepared and hungrier than a tiger who has been on the Atkins diet for a fortnight.
special edition that bravely and scintillatingly covered the Marcos dictatorship's waning years in the wake of the Aquino assassination, and that we in faraway Bicol lapped up issue after issue.
Taylor-Fletcher came close again, this time teed up by James Norwood who had carried the ball forward in a scintillatingly quick counter attack.
I have a scintillatingly clear memory of being 18, standing outside of a Gucci store--this is when he was the creative director of Gucci--and thinking, I wonder if I could someday be something like this.
Bollywood show Among these dazzling events, a Bollywood dance show choreographed by Delicious Sahadevan, showcased a set of scintillatingly cinematographic Bollywood dances for 20 minutes.
All parts of "Annette: A Big, Hairy Mom" are scintillatingly believable in their sharp focus, realistic action, and sure character and plot development.
As ever, Sturtevant's exhibition was scintillatingly staged.
Furthermore, I'm continually impressed at how rapper Black Thought keeps coming up with scintillatingly positive rap breaks for these things.
To watch them at the Emirates was to see a side that was not only playing scintillatingly with the ball, but that, crucially, were also working phenomenally hard without it.
With its final two productions of the season, I1 barbiere di Siviglia and Aida, Vancouver Opera ranged from scintillatingly silly to supremely sublime.
Hayat immediately takes to Mina, who is intelligent--and scintillatingly beautiful.