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Adj.1.scissor-tailed - (of birds) having a deeply forked tail; "scissor-tailed birds"
caudate, caudated - having a tail or taillike appendage
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Here I describe an encounter between a group of five scissor-tailed flycatchers (Tyrannus forficatus) and a group of 11 blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata) for a perch site.
Scissor-tailed Flycatchers (Tyrannus forficatus) are Neotropical migrants that breed throughout the south-central United States with the highest breeding densities in southern Oklahoma and northern Texas, corresponding to the core of the breeding range (Fitch 1950, Regosin 1998).
In Orange a little more than a year ago, a scissor-tailed flycatcher made an appearance and became a life bird for many who got a chance to see the beautiful long-tail feathered creature.
The increase in armadillos, road runners and the scissor-tailed flycatcher.
Smith was on a family vacation somewhere in western Texas about eight years ago when he spotted a scissor-tailed flycatcher, a small gold, tan and gray sparrow-shaped bird with two long distinctive tails, indigenous to the region but one that he'd never seen before.
Figure 2 (opposite page): Scissor-tailed Flycatcher fan with feathers collected over 15 years from birds mostly common in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and down into Mexico.
Answers: 1) pelican 2) scissor-tailed flycatcher 3) woodpecker 4) the male peacock has the showy tail, while the peahen is drabber in color.
The purpose of our study was to investigate the potential, indirect effects of wind turbines on a migratory grassland bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher Tyrannus forficatus, with the majority of its summer breeding range in Texas.
9) (Chordeiles minor) Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 2 (1.
Small likened the sighting to the sighting in October 2009 of a scissor-tailed flycatcher in Orange.
Commensal foraging of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers with Rio Grande Turkeys.
The bird has attracted some attention from birders the past week, but not as much as a rare scissor-tailed fly catcher seen last year at Orange Airport.