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 (sklîr′ə-tĭn, sklĕr′-)
An insoluble protein in the cuticle of arthropods that is hardened and darkened by cross-links with quinones and is often bound to chitin filaments.

[sclero- + -tin (as in keratin or chitin).]


(Zoology) a protein in the cuticle of insects that becomes hard and dark


(ˈsklɪər ə tɪn, ˈsklɛr-)

an insoluble protein that serves to stiffen the chitin of the cuticle of arthropods.
[1940; sclero- + -tin, extracted from chitin, keratin, etc.]
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13] In the present finding, four nasopharyngeal RDD were of the soft-tissue type, which showed a uniform density on CT and MRI scans and did not invade the sclerotin of the nasopharynx, which were consistent with previous studies.
1 GCTB has aggressive features, with huge corrosive destruction of the sclerotin, which left rare tendency of reactive new bone formation and healing; However, GCTB may also penetrate the cortical bone and form soft tissue masses, leading to high recurrence rates after curettage.
For example Nog and sclerotin interact with each other to cancel their respective antagonism (70).