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scoff 1

 (skŏf, skôf)
v. scoffed, scoff·ing, scoffs
To show or express derision or scorn: scoffed at their complaints.
To say in a derisive manner: "Are you confused yet?" the instructor scoffed.

[Middle English scoffen, from scof, mockery, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Danish skof, jest, teasing.]

scoff′er n.
scoff′ing·ly adv.

scoff 2

 (skŏf, skôf)
v. scoffed, scoff·ing, scoffs Slang
To eat (food) quickly and greedily.
To eat greedily.

[Alteration of obsolete scaff.]

scoff′er n.
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Noun1.scoffing - showing your contempt by derisionscoffing - showing your contempt by derision  
derision - contemptuous laughter


Contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit:


[ˈskɒfɪŋ] Nmofas fpl, burlas fpl


References in classic literature ?
As for me, who am of the whole blood of the whites, it is befitting that I should die as becomes my color, with no words of scoffing in my mouth, and without bitterness at the heart
So scoffing in ambiguous words, he scarce Had ended; when to Right and Left the Front Divided, and to either Flank retir'd.
Are ye yet aware what your surquedy and outrecuidance* merit, for scoffing at the entertainment
Even though he came late in the succession of inventors, Bell had to run the gantlet of scoffing and adversity.
There was much scoffing at the latter by those who had yesterday been firm adherents of his views, and there was even a lit- tle sneering by men who had never believed the rumor.
On one side the religious multitude, with their sad visages and dark attire, and on the other, the group of despotic rulers, with the high churchman in the midst, and here and there a crucifix at their bosoms, all magnificently clad, flushed with wine, proud of unjust authority, and scoffing at the universal groan.
Then regaining his seat in the saddle, he wheeled round and returned whooping and scoffing to his companions, who received him with yells of applause.
I am afraid, Senor, that you are affected by the spirit of scoffing and irreverence which pervades this unhappy country of France in which both you and I are strangers, I believe.