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left to right: flour and ice-cream scoops


a. A shovellike utensil, usually having a deep curved dish and a short handle: a flour scoop.
b. A thick-handled cuplike utensil for dispensing balls of ice cream or other semisoft food, often having a sweeping band in the cup that is levered by the thumb to free the contents.
c. A ladle; a dipper.
d. An implement for bailing water from a boat.
e. A narrow, spoon-shaped instrument for surgical extraction in cavities or cysts.
f. A bucket or shovel of a dredge, backhoe, or other digging machine.
g. The amount that any of these utensils, implements, or containers can hold: ate two scoops of ice cream.
2. A scooping movement or action: made a nice scoop to catch the ball.
3. Informal
a. An exclusive news story acquired by luck or initiative before a competitor.
b. Current information or details: What's the scoop on the new neighbors?
4. A rounded, usually low-cut neckline, as on a blouse or dress. Also called scoop neck, scoop neckline.
5. A hollow area; a cavity.
6. An opening, as on the body of a motor vehicle, by which a fluid is directed inward: "The [sports car] has ... enough scoops and spoilers to get you a citation just standing still" (Mark Weinstein).
tr.v. scooped, scoop·ing, scoops
1. To take up and often reposition with a scoop: scooped popcorn into a bag.
2. To hollow out by digging.
3. To pick up, gather, or collect swiftly and smoothly: scoop up a handful of jelly beans.
4. Informal To top or outmaneuver (a competitor) in acquiring and publishing an important news story.

[Middle English scope, from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German schōpe, bucket for bailing water.]

scoop′er n.
scoop′ful′ n.
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Currently, the Forest Service also has 15 large air tankers committed, 2 DC-10 very large Air tankers, 2 C-130s with air tanker modules, 34 helicopters and 3 scooper aircraft for water drops.
Ever since the wildly popular scooper opened its first L.
It's more like Scooper Sunday as any football activity involves watching it on TV down the pub.
Items include standard-size and serving fork ($150 and $75, respectively), knife and spoon sets, a canape knife set ($38), and other pieces ranging from iced tea spoons to an ice cream scooper.
MOTORIZED POOPER SCOOPER is portable, self-cleaning and easy to use.
As Osborn admonishes hopeful entrepreneurs to “provide something of value,” he runs a free Scoopers & Friends forum at his website, Pooper-Scooper.
Give the dog a bone and the handler a pooper scooper.
The scooper mixed in frozen raspberries and chocolate chips, and the result was delicious.
The Tadawul design incorporates cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology such as a sunlight scooper to introduce natural sunlight and solar shading to help reduce the cooling load.
1 Scooper, Brains, Spring and Billie were in the children's programme called Here Come The (complete the name).
Over the next year, he worked as a pizza deliveryman, ice cream scooper, fast food jockey, construction worker, ER tech, and even cowboy on a Montana dude ranch.
There's friendly competition in the air, too, as visitors vote for their favorite celebrity scooper, as well as their favorite ice cream flavor.