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Adj.1.scopal - of or relating to scope; "scopal dependency"
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
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The head of the stylopized female from Mason County is normal but it also has reduced metasomal tergal fascia and reduced scopal hairs on the hind tibia and basitarsi.
Indeed, in these theories, the design of the model is based on the conception of linguistic structure as multilayered in terms of a distinction between higher (/interpersonal) and lower (/representational) domains of structuring (which are in a hierarchical or scopal relation, as in F(D)G and RRG, or, which are seen more generally as parallel tiers of "multifunctional" structure, as in SFG) and/or in terms of different levels of encoding.
Examples (i) and (ii) allow for two scopal relations between the quantifiers: one > every and every > one.
Layered representations of clausal structures, which are designed to reflect scopal differences amongst modifier categories, have been proposed in various theories of grammar (for an overview, see Butler 2003).
From representational to scopal "distancing speech and thought": a cline of subjectification.
This article presents some data from Vietnamese that provide significant empirical support for the theoretical claims articulated in Klein (1998, 2006): first, that finiteness should be understood as a composite of tense and assertion, and that assertion may be realized independently of tense marking; second, that the assertion operator so realized has only partial scope over elements of the clause, so that fronted elements may evade this scopal influence.
One study designed to investigate the acquisition of scopal interactions between quantificational NPs and negation is Musolino et al.
As Asher (2002) says, "There are many sources of ambiguity in language that can be resolved through the use of the (discourse) context: lexical ambiguity, scopal ambiguity, ambiguity of function or argument, ambiguity of rhetorical function, ambiguity of attachment point" (Asher 2002: 309f.
Summaries of the scopal properties of German sentences are found in Frey (1990) and Pafel (1997).
The data compiled in this article demonstrate in this respect that early form-function relations in language development are too heterogeneous to follow a rigid general pattern, as, for example, the scheme "lexical Aktionsart before aspect before tense before modus" that might be suggested by scopal characteristics as an enlargement of syntactic structuring.
Choice functions and the scopal semantics of indefinites.