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Adj.1.scopal - of or relating to scope; "scopal dependency"
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
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The question operator is located in a structurally high position in the clause so as to ensure the right scopal properties.
The head of the stylopized female from Mason County is normal but it also has reduced metasomal tergal fascia and reduced scopal hairs on the hind tibia and basitarsi.
Indeed, in these theories, the design of the model is based on the conception of linguistic structure as multilayered in terms of a distinction between higher (/interpersonal) and lower (/representational) domains of structuring (which are in a hierarchical or scopal relation, as in F(D)G and RRG, or, which are seen more generally as parallel tiers of "multifunctional" structure, as in SFG) and/or in terms of different levels of encoding.
Examples (i) and (ii) allow for two scopal relations between the quantifiers: one > every and every > one.
Bias statements are scopal, so the one on line 2 applies throughout the test, while the ones on lines 3 and 7 apply only to the instructions on those lines.
Ptilothrix is distinguished, among other emphorines, by a suite of characters that includes the lack of arolia, the elongate first flagellomere, the bowed, elevated upper margin of the clypeus coupled with a short proboscis, the reduced apical projection of the female hind basitarsus, and the type of scopal hairs on the outer surface of the hind tibia, which have the branches not retrorse, but arising at acute angles to the axes of the hairs and directed apicad.
There is also an OPERATOR PROJECTION showing the operators, for tense, illocutionary force, aspect, modality, etc, which attach to the various layers of the structure, and so show scopal relations.
These strategies are likely to limit uncertainty within temporal or scopal bounds: "state values that will be used to guide the upcoming changes," "state procedures by which the upcoming changes will be decided," "set time-line for official message which will contain full information," "explain how upcoming change decisions will be made," "specifically attempt to increase trust," "encourage potentially affected parties to prepare for the worst," "establish committees to explore options for people affected by upcoming change," and "establis h a rumor hotline.
They grasped the staminal tube with the forelegs, bent their abdomen forward onto the anthers and vigorously moved mid and hind legs, transferring the pollen to the scopal setae in the hind tibia and metasomal sterna.
Expressions in these languages are similar to expressions in other logics, but they are designed to contain one or more of the (lexical, scopal, contextual, etc.
Based on microscopic analysis of scopal pollen contents of collected females, I examined the extent of oligolecty, the level of host-plant specialization, and the short-term specialization of individual females in the anthidiine bees of Europe, North Africa, and Asia Minor.