scot free

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I'm not exactly given to brag when I'm away from my own country--one hears too much of that all the time--but between you and me, I shouldn't say that it was possible for two crimes like that to be committed in New York City and for the murderer to get off scot free in either case.
I promise you that in that case, if the truth is forced from him, there the matter will rest; there must be circumstances in Oliver's little history which it would be painful to drag before the public eye, and if the truth is once elicited, they shall go scot free.
Thus the band shot, each in turn, some getting off scot free, and some winning a buffet that always sent them to the grass.
That's true," he said, gazing at me in a way in which the damned gaze out of their cauldrons of boiling pitch at some soul walking scot free in the place of torment.
I resolved, therefore, that I would never do it until I saw a chance that would leave me scot free.
If it had been possible to overlook such an event as the loss of a jewel worth twenty thousand pounds, I believe--with my lady's opinion of her late brother, and her distrust of his birthday-gift--it would have been privately a relief to her to let the thieves get off with the Moonstone scot free.
Poor old Chiles is bullied into apologising for this perceived casual racism while Osman gets off scot free.
They also questioned as to why the culprits involved in that pogrom were still scot free in various parts of the country.
Yet these causeway crossing idiots, who cost the various services who are forced to rescue them thousands of pounds each year, get away with it scot free.
RBS's former boss Fred "The Shred" Goodwin got off scot free from the FSA, enjoys a pension of pounds 342,500-a-year and has landed a new job with a firm of Scottish architects.
He said: "There aren't many people who traffic in drugs and get off scot free.
The Spaniard stole the headlines ahead of the trip to Stoke by claiming Manchester United boss Fergie gets off Scot free for attacks on refs.