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Harris proposed that we should have scrambled eggs for breakfast.
We did not know what scrambled eggs were, and we fancied that it must be some Red Indian or Sandwich Islands sort of dish that required dances and incantations for its proper cooking.
The woman now called to them that supper was ready, so they gathered around the table and Dorothy ate some delicious porridge and a dish of scrambled eggs and a plate of nice white bread, and enjoyed her meal.
He breakfasted with appetite and method, beginning with a slice of melon, and studying a morning paper while he waited for his toast and scrambled eggs.
Breakfast: Elizabeth doling out the scrambled eggs.
It was wrong, of course, for Paul to slip and spill an order of scrambled eggs down the brute's coatsleeve, but who can blame him?
The traditionalAzerbaijanibreakfast consists of sweet butter, various types of white cheese and kukuor scrambled eggs with herbs.
Of course, there are true weekend classics like a mouth-watering bacon roll, glorious thick and creamy bowl of porridge, or even homemade pancakes filled with a topping of your choice but for me it has to be an indulgent breakfast of Scotty Brand smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
by Courtesy of Brandpoint To boost your breakfast, choose whole-grain cereals or stuff a whole-grain tortilla with scrambled eggs.
Around the globe, the current record holder for the world's largest scrambled eggs belongs to Poland.
In the Test Kitchen, we sprinkle these spices on roast chicken, avocado toast, green salads, pizza, and especially scrambled eggs.
Always ensure that egg yolks are cooked thoroughly to reduce the risk of foodborne illness (avoid soft-boiled eggs and runny scrambled eggs unless you use pasteurized eggs to prepare them).