scrape away

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w>scrape away

viherumkratzen (→ at an +dat)
vt sepabkratzen
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Take your plant and scrape away any mould or crust on the soil surface.
Use a large, metal serving spoon or ice-cream scoop to scrape away the insides and remove seeds.
Each bite of corn-free Active Adult hits your dog's teeth in crunchy nugget form to scrape away plaque and cut down on tartar.
Scrape away any furry choke with a teaspoon and then run a lemon half over the hearts so they don't discolour.
Using it to scrape away a sizeable crack he was able to ram in his numbed hand and wheedle out the dagger.
Scrape away all the fake ears, noses and dwarf hair and you'll find a host of familiar stars in the new Hobbit trilogy.
Next try to scrape away at the glue to ease it off.
The men working along the canal have been courteous, informative and helpful, even trying to scrape away the mud so walkers and cyclists are not too badly inconvenienced while the work is continuing in all the awful weather we have had since the work started.
Using a fork, scrape away the stringy remains and place the seeds on tray with a drizzle of olive oil.
In-line inspection devices, informally known as "pigs," are inserted inside pipelines to inspect their interior conditions and to scrape away build-up.
Then turn over each piece and gently scrape away all the charred skin with a small sharp knife.
British, Australian and French dignitaries joined locals for an on-site ceremony, before a mechanical digger moved in to scrape away the first layers of earth.