scrape together

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scrape together


scrape up

(tr, adverb) to collect with difficulty: to scrape together money for a new car.

w>scrape together

vt sep leaveszusammenharken, zusammenrechen; moneyzusammenkratzen; peoplezusammenbringen, organisieren; supportorganisieren
References in classic literature ?
Vyse managed to scrape together a dinner-party consisting entirely of the grandchildren of famous people.
I ought to go back to England this year, but if I can scrape together enough to keep body and soul on speaking terms I shall stay another twelve months.
As to Spain, she could not scrape together more than 110 reals.
Fortunately for me, my father lost a lawsuit just in the nick of time, and was obliged to scrape together every farthing of available money that he possessed to pay for the luxury of going to law.
This was perhaps a rich man for Mull; he would have scarce been thought so in the south; for it took all he had -- the whole house was turned upside down, and a neighbour brought under contribution, before he could scrape together twenty shillings in silver.
But whatever I have been able to scrape together has gone every two months in keeping it up.
I wonder of what she deprived herself to scrape together the twenty francs--I wonder what sort of a place she has to live in, and what sort of a woman her aunt is, and whether she is likely to get employment to supply the place she has lost.
Although with plenty to eat, the people are very poor: there is no demand for labour, and consequently the lower orders cannot scrape together money sufficient to purchase even the smallest luxuries.
So many hours, so many days, so many long, long nights of hopeless, cheerless, never- ending work--not to heap up riches, not to live grandly or gaily, not to live upon enough, however coarse; but to earn bare bread; to scrape together just enough to toil upon, and want upon, and keep alive in us the consciousness of our hard fate
uk, said: "There are still some cracking mortgage deals to be had, and if you can scrape together a slightly bigger deposit the rates reflect this.
UNDEREMPLOYED people across Tyneside are desperate to work more hours to scrape together cash for their families, figures suggest.
The rich, waited on by servants, could enjoy a nine or 10-course meal while the poor often could only scrape together bread and margarine.